Christopher Hills Foundation charitable activities

Over the past 30 years CHF has given generously to myriad causes in The U.S. and worldwide

bamboo grows wild on Maui

About Charities

Charities Supported by CHF

  • Afghan Refugees
  • Afghan Freedom Fighters
  • School of Environmental Technology
  • Emergency Relief Fund International
  • Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity in India and Haiti
  • California Rural Indian Health Clinic
  • Aids Wellness Study
  • Relief effort in Lebanon for children
  • Rainbow Gathering; Spirulina Kitchens
  • Minnesota Indians Women's Resource Center
  • Santa Cruz County Disaster Relief
  • $1 million to Harvard University Research on antioxidants
  • $1.2 mil to Love is Feeding Everyone (L.I.F.E.)
  • $6 million for basic research on Algae
  • Desert Hot Springs Botanical Society
  • Fleming Arboretum
  • Santa Cruz Homeless Garden
  • Pacific Islands Project (University of Dayton, Ohio)
  • Maui Streams conservation (University of Dayton, Ohio)
  • BEACON Maui Environment Conferences
  • Maui Forest Ecosystems (with MAUI INC. Magazine)
  • 9th Life Foundation
  • Pacific Primate Sanctuary


Charitable Organizations supported by CHF
Guadua bamboo thrives in Maui jungle


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